The Ohio Ghosthunters Association

Picture Gallery Of Investigation Locations.

Poasttown Elementary School, Poasttown Ohio

The Daily Grind, East Canton Ohio

Sorg Opera House, Middletown Ohio

 Harding House, Franklin Ohio

Picture coming Soon

 Bobby Mackey's

Black Moon Manor 


Martin's Donut Shop, Trenton Ohio

Shadow Lake Village. Mason Ohio

 Prospect Place Mansion, Dresden Ohio

Tea Rose (formerly The Choklate Morel) In Mason Ohio

Picture coming soon!



Arby's Resturant, Miamisburg Ohio

Picture coming soon!

Waverly Hills Sanitarium 


Amber Rose, Dayton Ohio


 Patterson Hpmestead, Dayton Ohio

Utopia Ohio

Private Residence Investigations

  • West Elkton Road Residence
  • Camden Residence
  • Platt Road Residence
  • Gratis Residence
  • Robinson-Vail Road Residence
  • Elk Creek Road Residence
  • Millard Drive Residence
  • West Chester Road Residence
  • Hill Top Estates
  • Circle Drive Residence
  • Pershing Avenue Residence
  • Miamisburg Residence
  • Manchester Road Residence
  • Lebanon Residence
  • Middletown Business
  • Burton Road Residence
  • Linden Park Apartments
  • Germantown Residence
  • South Lebanon Residence
  • Kettering Residence


We are unable to disclose actual addresses to the above locations as per the request of the homeowners.

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