About Us

 The Ohio GhostHunters Association was founded in 2007 by Lead Investigators Laury Angel and Kim Bates. Two sisters sharing separate paranormal experiences at diffent times in their life. Upon learning about each others experiences, it not only drew them closer as sisters, but it also brought them to the same conclusion. They wanted answers!
Shortly after the duo became a team they decided that they were going to need others to help with the documentation of the evidence they collected
during investigations, so they asked Teresa Banks
to become part of the team and head up the Tech Department.
It wasn't long before word got out that there was a paranormal group locally based in the Mason and Lebanon area. Calls started coming in.
After going through several case managers, they finally met Vikki Craig and it was unanamous that she was the perfect fit for the new Case Manager position. Vikki gladly accepted the position, and as a added bonus brought her husband Scott on board to help Teresa in the Tech Department. He helps keep everyone grounded with his role as teams skeptic.
Vikki, also introduced the team to her best friend Debbie Kelly, who with her investigation experience was also asked to join the team in 2008.
Lacey Angel ( Laury's daughter) was trained and added to the team in 2008 as the audio tech and paranormal photographer. Anthony "AJ" Angel (Laury's son) came abourd in 2008 and was trained in the tech department.
The newest members to join the team are Tami Johnson, a medium as well as our webmaster. Tami's husband Shawn also helps with keeping everyone grounded with his role of team skeptic. Ande Morris joined the Team in 2010  as Lead Investigator along with Pam Wilson (Laury & Kim's sister) as Historical Research Manager and Danny Headley (Laury & Kim's Brother) as an Investigator.  With the combined knowledge of all of the team, we have had great success in helping others to find answers to their unknown experiences. 

     Founders, Laury Angel & Kim Bates 

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