The Ohio Ghosthunters Association

We here at TOGA believe in sharing any knowledge we gain in this field. So whenever we learn a new technique or find a way to build equipment to save money we like to share it. So here is a page dedicated to sharing that knowledge. When we find helpful videos and tutorials or links to aid those in this field to better there equipment arsenal we will post it here. If you have equipment ideas or have built equipment or just have investigative techniques that you think other groups would benefit from, please feel free to let us know and we will post it here.

  • Ghost Hunting Techniques we have experimented with: 
  • We have been experimenting using the Ghost Box and a deck of cards. We send a team of investigators in one room with the Ghost Box, and a second team to another room or floor with a deck of cards. The team with the cards pull one at a time and ask the spirits to communicate thru the Ghost Box to the other team what card is being held up. So far we have about an 85% accuracy using this method.


  • We learned to use a new type of investigation device from Glenn Ireland's group EVPS.... they showed us what is called an Irish Windchime. Which is simply a pendelum attached to the lid of a jar and closed so no outside air can get to the pendelum.



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